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Here's The Real Thing That Will Blow Your Mind! You Too Can Henceforth Earn Over A MILLION Naira Continually Just Like Me And My Team Members - GOLD RUSH TEAM!

Before I proceed, My Name Is 'Femi Henry, A Young Sincere Nigerian Enterpreneur Based In Lagos, Nigeria.

I'm Super Excited To Share With You How I Made €1890 worth of Gold in Less Than A Month And The Next One Is Loading From Just A One Time Investment of €220 I Will Like To Take 15 Mins Of Your Time Let Me Show You How You Can Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone And EARN In GOLD! 

Pause And Think About This...

What will change in your life if you start earning
N1m/9000cedis/€1890 monthly or even quarterly???

Please note that this will be an extensive article as I really want to give as much details as possible about this business.

The Layman Explanation: This Business is an Investment in Gold. If you know about gold and know how much its worth and hope to have an investment in it, this is for you.

So Pay Attention and Keep an Open Mind as we move
Our Team Gold Rush is in Partnership with a European based company that deals in buying and selling of Gold. The company is called Swissgolden.


They're registered corporately with Headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, and has its legal and admin offices in London and Germany. www.swissgolden.com What's SwissGolden About?

SwissGolden is an online Gold store that trades on 24-karat Gold bars ranging from 1g-100g with 999.9% purity. We're talking Real Gold here!!!

What The Company Offers

1. Be a Customer and just buy Investment Gold Bars.

2. You have the opportunity to build a Business with The Swiss Golden Company.

We in the Gold Rush Team partnered with The SwissGolden Company 2 months ago.

It's been our Best Partnership deal ever

Through its simple Business Model we have conveniently created 100 Millionaires in 2 months

500 Earners in the next 2 months....


...and the proof continues


Our company startup capital is N136,000/€220/900 Cedis as at today. The start up capital will be used to :

*Open a Gold bullion account in Switzerland bank called UBS. ( A bullion account is where your gold will be stored.
*Create a personal website for you so you can monitor your Gold and your business online.
* Gives you a Gram of Gold which will be kept in your bullion account.
* Administrative fees.

The initial investment for this Gold bars also gives you the access to participate in the company's referral program with no additional cost.

HOW TO MAKE N1M/9000cedis/€1890 IN SwissGolden with the lucrative Bonus plan...

There are 2 tables of orders you have to complete to make N1m/9000cedis/€1890 in this business. The first table is called The Preliminary table while the second is called the The Main table


You start with €220/900cedis/N136,000 which places you in a table of order (which is made up of 7 cells), called the PRELIMINARY TABLE. So this is you below:

Next, you're expected to introduce 2 partners (downlines) to come under you as shown below:

Okay cool, then you are expected to work with your downlines vitally/encourage them to get their own 2 downlines each as well. As soon as that is done: a structure like the figure below is established:

Having this structure above earns you the first €800 on the PRELIMINARY table.

Then the company removes €720 out of your €800 earning to place you on the MAIN TABLE and the balance paid into your back office.

NOTE Actually the real earning deal starts on the MAIN TABLE with €720 which would be deducted from the €800 you earn on the PRELIMINARY TABLE. (preliminary table is to enable you make the money needed for the main table)


Same principles applies on the main table.

What is next is to work with your two direct downlines and ensure they close their own PRELIMINARY TABLES as you did. When the remaining 4 cells are completed, then you will close the main table and earn your first €1890/N1m/9000cedis on the MAIN TABLE.

(I bet it is easier than you'd imagine if you commit and apply yourself to it as a team and possibly get some support from your uplines).



Now listen to the best part. The company keeps you on that main table for a second and third N1m/€1890. As long as you cycle out of that table, you keep will be paid your next N1m/€1890. Yes i know your eyes are wide open now, we couldn't sleep when this also was explained to us. Almost N3m/€7000 from just N136000/€220 investment

All the people on the table above are about to earn another 1M again in less than 30days of starting their business

We get paid in Gold.

The company offers 3 options on what to do with the Gold.

Study the Image below to see all options.

We prefer option 3. #SMILES

When I cycled out of the main table I had 52gram of gold in total.and I sold all back to the company immediately. However I have the option to sell some, all or none
I got €1812 after selling all my gold, I withdrew €1750 out of it. I was charged €36 so I was credited €1714 within 48hours of withdrawal to my personal bank account.

See Some proof of payment Below


Princess Brown:
All thanks to my team members, thanks to the best coach in the world for your super support. Without you, this popping could not have happened.
I want to say a big thanks to everyone here, I Learnt a lot from you guys.
To Ruth and my sweet sister OJ, God bless you for your encouragement, even when people were rejecting the opportunity I was showing them, I remain positive with your support, knowing for the fact that one day my picture will be used as one of the millionaires in the house.
After i attended presentation, I checked and found out dat my account was empty and I av to call mumcy and i borrowed 136k from her for the registration. I started talking to people and the first 40 people I told about Swiss Golden did not register but I was not discouraged. I kept on talking and one day, God blessed me with Mr Fash who agreed to join the business, then my hope increased more. I started looking for my second downline . Then the journey continue for good cos I did not have any thought of giving up at all. I kept talking and talking and some told me to earn first before they can join while some said I was disturbing them, some even blocked me on What'sApp chat.
Today, it is a success. I have made million from Swiss golden just after 40days of saying YES I do. Thank you coach TEMI for showing me the way to this business, may God bless you

Lanre Akinsiun:

I hear people say, I don't have money thats why I can't start. And I always respond differently. Because you are broke is the most important reason to do this business. I spoke with all my friends and none could borrow me but I told myself I will have to do this no matter what. I was able to reach out to someone who borrowed me the money on monthly interest of $50. I accepted because I saw the big picture and the possibility and also that my mind was made to either succeed or succeed in this business.

By my first 10 days, I was able to close my first main table, by the 18th day of starting, I closed my other 2 tables. I earned over 3.3m in less than 1 month. Paid back my loan without interest and its been a different story since then. This is a business you cannot joke with, you will be well compensated for your efforts if you take it serious.

And I can tell anyone, this has been the best and easiest business I have ever done in my adult life. So guys, I hope my story will help you understand that there is usually no perfect situation, we all determine to make them perfect... wishing you guys all the best.

Oj Okoli:
Hmm mm. My journey to financial freedom started this January, I heard about this business was skeptical at first been the one who researches everything online. I decided to just try but I was thinking like everyone else on how to get my "2". I thought I wasn't good with marketing but I saw a friend of mine who grossed in over 100, 000 dollars last year from Multi level marketing. She was like oj, this is worth doing it would give you the time you crave with your kids so I jumped in" without thinking" and yes! I got over 50 nos. Some friends would totally ignore you and stop picking your calls. This hitch only spurred Me on being a go getter. I expanded my marketing beyond friends I started talking to total strangers about this business and voila most keyed in without questions! Thank you Nkem and Victor my first 2 who just said oj, since you have said it, then let's do it. Thank you to coach Temi, we butted heads (yes), it further pushed me to learn to run myself. Thank you Prince Lanre, all the advice here and there helped me a lot. Never feel disappointed when it's not happening yet, just keep preparing yourself and keep trying. I have seen that tenacity produces results! Millions looks very good on me.

This video above shows  our partner who got her Gold delivered to her in Nigeria  


This is surely a super lucrative business right now. I mean, producing 102 millionaires from this team alone and hundreds across Nigeria in just 67 days... and more will be produced this month. And to think it is 100% legit and with a timeless product: GOLD!

You may wonder, Why do I need to lock arms with THIS TEAM (The Gold Rush Team)?

Let me give you just ONE undeniable reason: TEAMWORK, this is one of our SUCCESS SECRETS!

We started this business this January 12 2017, and our first purchase was close to N5 million naira with close to 30 new partners joining in the first 24 hours and now, we've grown to over 900 registered GOLDPRENEURS!

Amazing right?

Even though some have not yet gotten their 2, their Tables are being filled up fast!!!

Don’t be left behind, join the momentum!!!

So ask yourself,why do you need another source of income?

Do you have a specified income goal this year 2017?

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and live the life you desire?

If you have answers for these questions, it shows you know what you want in life and this business is for you.


1. What if I cant get my 2?

The company requires you get minimum of 2 customers. In the event that you don’t meet this requirement, once your preliminary table is complete, you’re exited from the business and refunded. We call this a win-win situation. But in our team, we like our partners to at least give it their best effort, be positive and believe if others can do it, so can i.

2. How much is it to start?
The current exchange rate is 136k. You can refer back to who invited you to know how to make the payment and get started.

3. Will the team help me get my first 2?

No, we will not work for you as we are not your employees, we will rather work with you as partners, give you the needed tools and resources to enable you get your 2.

4. What if I have more than 2 people?

The company requires you to just get 2 customers. However if you get more than 2, we advise you support your team to grow with you. In order words, you can borrow them your excess and when they get theirs, they also give out. This is however not by force.

5. So if I bring 2 people is that when I’ll be paid my 1 million?

When you bring your 2 customers, you have to work with them to also get ther own 2, once this is done, you are moved to the main table. Once the Main table also is complete, that is when you earn your 1m. Mind you, all you need for all these process is just those 2 people you brought in.

6. How do you get paid?

When you earn from the table, your earnings go into your SwissGolden back office, you control your back office and from there you can transfer your earnings into your Euro Account in your country. Before you can withdraw your income, you will need to do a KYC by verifying your account with your ID and Utility.

7. Is this one of those Ponzi or Pyramid schemes and what is the guarantee that this business will not go away like some others?

Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are illegal and we will have nothing to do with them. We’ve done our checks on this company, they actually buy and sell gold and a lot of our partners have ordered for their gold and received it. Ponzi schemes don’t last more than a year, max 2 years. SwissGolden has been around almost 5 years, buying and selling gold, and growing stronger.

We understand your fears about companies that have gone under. This company however has been around for close to 5 years in over 200 countries and growing stronger.

8. Does SwissGolden have a physical office in Nigeria?
No, this company is an online store like Amazon or Ali-baba, that sells gold. They do not require a physical office to transact business. Same way Amazon ships your shoes and books without seeing you; SwissGolden also has been shipping gold and paying its partners for close to 5 years.

9. Are there other tables asides Main Table and if so, how much does one earn on them?

This is actually the bigger picture here, where you can earn as much as 26,000 euros and the interesting is you don't have you take money out of your pocket to enter these tables, you generate everything from the system 


We have

Main Table x3 - 1,890 euros on each table
VIP Table x3 - 7,425 euros on each table
VIP Plus Table x3 - 26,460 euros on each table

10. How do I start?

Kindly send your name, email address and whatsapp number to edunfemihenry@gmail.com in order to put you through the entire process.


 Click Here Now To Join Our Whatsapp Group Here

This Is Your Opportunity

DELAY IS DANGEROUS...Lets Achieve It Together And With Gold Rush Team SUCCESS Is SURE!!! 

Watch The Powerful Interview with My Mentors In G-Rush Team Below.


Swiss Golden crushes the checklist below

Is it real? Yes it is 

Is it an asset? Yes it is

Is the asset durable? Yes it is

Do you stand to loose anything? No you don't 

Can you get your physical gold? Yes you can

Can you earn in your currency? Yes you can

Now you can put your money where your mouth is and most importantly you are with the right team because we believe in your success...

It's All In Your Hands Now. SEND YOUR DETAILS NOW 

Send Your Name, Email Address and Whatsapp Number to edunfemihenry@gmail.com in order to get on board today.


To Your Success,

'Femi Henry

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